4 Days To Go.

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I find it’s always nice to start with a little picture.

Wow! 4 days till Christmas. I cannot believe it! I still have some things to finish like little sleepy eyemasks and making and adding pompoms to my dad’s scarf [I have been knitting him a multi-coloured scarf]. Photos of that later!

Today I might tidy up the blog and get some things finished on it. When viewing now you will see that there are things like INSERT LINKS HERE or BLA BLA BLA. These are prompts to remind me to finish and make some images for this section. So don’t be alarmed! It is under construction but will be ready for my launch on January 1st. By then I hope to have all pages finished, my shops set up and a head start on some things I am going to sell.

Thats all for now.
With love,

La. xo


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