Christmas Eve

My room pretty much looks like this at the moment.

Can you believe it? Christmas Eve already…I have never been so excited! (I think this is true. I don’t remember being this excited last year.) I am particularly excited to share with you what Santa brings me.

I have been up since 6.30am this morning. – because my cat jumped up on my bed and I got a fright and couldn’t get back to sleep and then thought I should just get up and that means I get to sleep tonight. And *Breathe*!

Anywho. Todays agenda is:

-> Make the place setting namecards for Christmas dinner.

-> Make a lovely card for Cameron. Detailing that I have ordered his wellie boots but I am not sure when they will arrive.

-> Finish dad’s scarf. (make 2 more pom poms and sew them on.)

-> Blog about dad’s scarf before the day is out!

-> Enjoy our christmas eve feast.

Have a lovely Christmas Eve.

With love,

La. xo

P.S. I have been inspired by this:

Have a look..she is great!


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