How to thread a JL300c bobbin!

Hi there! As I said before, I got a wonderful new sewing machine for my Christmas – a JL300C. I went to a little tutorial on how to use the various aspects of the sewing machine. The first thing I learnt was how to thread the bobbin so I thought i’d make a little How-To for the blog. It may be something all of you already know, it may not be applicable to your machine, or maybe you think it is a waste of time..however, all of the wonderful blogs out there have so much to offer in terms of how-to’s and various other tutorials. So I feel this is a beginner returning of the generous techniques that you all share.



Click the picture below to have a look at the tutorial..


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One response to “How to thread a JL300c bobbin!

  1. mike

    Hey, thanks for for the tutorial, I have just bought a JL300C and I am a complete beginner, I have never touched a sewing machine in my life, so your tutorial was very useful to me :)

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