Weekly Finds!

HelloHelloHello. (p.s. love this colour. It is called Tomato in the colour pallet.)

Today I updated the weekly finds page. ( I am actually quite proud of myself. I have been sticking to my due dates). LOOK at these shoes..

Aren’t they just fab?!. I can’t get over how amazing the new Prada line is. Infact how good all the Spring 2011 shoe line is. Alexander Mcqueen’s line (not just shoes) is just beautiful. Sarah Burton has taken the reins with the McQueen name and has actually managed to combine her own style whilst keeping the message and appeal of Alexander. She deserves a round of applause for managing to sustain the pure beauty that is Alexander Mcqueen.

For more of the weekly finds, click the shoe!

MessyMessyMessyLa.. XO.

(The name isn’t lying these days. My room is a bit of a bomb, the craft room is a bit of a bomb. Maybe some cleaning is needed?)



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3 responses to “Weekly Finds!

  1. Ah I TOTALLY agree with you about the Prada wedges, they’re absolutely devine! You have such a lovely blog :) xx

  2. hi, thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog. you are so sweet.
    and i agree completely! these shoes are bonkers amazing!

  3. Those shoes are KILLER. Too bad I can’t afford them ;)


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