hot chocolate

I don’t know about you..but one of my NY’s resolutions was to try new things. So this weekend when I went to a lovely little coffee shop I thought I should try something different. I scanned the menu and found that they did white chocolate hot chocolates! I couldn’t believe it. It seems so strange? White a drink..are you sure? Well it was true.

It was so white you could hardly see it in the picture! Very excitedly I took a sip, expecting to fall in love – of course. And I was severely let down. It had a sort of chemically taste (If that is possible) and didn’t really taste like white chocolate. More like syrup. They kindly swopped it for a simple cappuccino. How ordinary. How boring. Meh. THAT is what I was trying to steer clear from!

Anywho, at least I tried yeah?
Have you tried any of your resolutions?




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4 responses to “hot chocolate

  1. Email me your address. Seriously. I’ve got a white chocolate hot cocoa mix that will change your life! I am usually disappointed in coffee shop cocoa’s. I have yet to try one that is better than this mix I have at home. But no matter how many times it happens, it’s always disappointing!

  2. Well I didn’t make any official resolutions as I never keep them! But mine would be to make more time to blog/write and to read more, sounds quite simple!
    Lovely outfit post, I’ve seen the shirt in Topshop and its gorgeous! xx

    • I know what you mean about resolutions..they always seem to fizzle out! But the ones that you have decided to make sound good and manageable- so they wont be left undone in 2011.
      Thank you very much!! Believe it or not I walked into Topshop and picked up the leggings and the shirt instantly, tried them on, loved it, BAM! paid and yureeka. All within about 13 minutes. Normally takes me about 30!

      (P.s. Its so cool that you live in the UK cause most of the friends and blogs I visit are from the USA and I just long to live there. But now I have a lil buddy at home too!)


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