New card collection!

As I gave little hints about before..for the past two weeks i have been super b-u-s-y. I am so pleased with what I did..and I think in the end it turned out to be 132 cards made. So i was really happy! I am uploading them all to sell on my Ebay and Coriandr site tomorrow but for now here is a little sneak peak at some that I particularly enjoyed making…

( I wasn’t pleased with the photo shoot background..:( It was 11pm and I was dropping everyone of my cards off to a shop that has decided to feature them!! (More of that later..sSOOOO exciting. So because of that I was just quickly taking all the photos to make sure I had pictures of them before they all got a new home!)

And so so many more :-) Each card is £2.



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2 responses to “New card collection!

  1. Omg – *so* cute! The knitting one has my heart! :) he he.

  2. Wow they are so cute!

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