Today I was thinking about all my obsessions and cravings for certain things. And especially since I have got into crafts my desire for things is just rocketing everyday. On the go right now I have a few obsessions..

Washi Tape.

I have Pink Suede Shoe to blame! She has the most incredible selection and I fell in love. So i went and ordered about 3 different patterns. Then I saw some more patterns and bought them. Then I went onto Etsy and found more. and then. and then. and then. I eventually found that I couldn’t stop. (Until of course, my money ran out.)


Punches have been a deadly obsession. but my problem is THERE ARE SO MANY! They are just so beautiful and make my cards look so much better and frankly, I feel they are an investment. Wouldn’t you agree? Well now my drawer is jam packed and I can’t seem to fit any more in. So some may say “don’t buy any more then?”. But my obsession says..Get a bigger drawer!


Shoes are a really big problem for me. and i mean a huge problem. As soon as I see a pair I like my eyes go huge and I start thinking about them non-stop. ‘I’ll wear them with that dress..oh and those jeans..and store them here..isn’t the colour amazing? that heel is just divine!’. *Sigh*. And the shoes that I blogged about the other day are in that list. I am dreaming about them, talking about them and currently scraping together enough money to buy them!

Dear Oh Dear.

I may have a problem. Yes? But i think we crafters and, in general, Ladies are all the same. But don’t you feel a bit distressed more than anything when someone says “but you don’t need it?”.

Thats all for now..This post was going to be huge with loads of pictures. But I feel you catch my drift. I see it, I need it, I buy it all. A vicious cycle!

I will leave you with a picture of somethings that are currently wedged in my brain…

Gaaaaah. Help! I may need some supportive comments that I am not alone in this need to buy things?


With lots of love,




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4 responses to “Obsessions

  1. I totally get obsessed with things…. and then I have an uncontrollable urge to buy them in every single color. It’s not always a wise use of my money… but it does make me happy!

  2. oh you have a lovely blog.. i’m following :)♥

  3. Hi Lara,
    It’s so nice to see how much work you have put into your blog, the new design looks great!

    xo Lisa

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