Happy & Thankful.

Hiya amazing shoes!!

(Just had to add these babies in there..think they are great for my casual outfits..? OUI!)

Today I was looking at my creations and a smile came to my face. I hadn’t realised that my life had magically gone to exactly the way I want it.. I have a business up and running, that is slowly but surely getting into shops and selling on the internet and I am so happy. This is my life now. I eat, sleep and breathe crafts..Literally. (The other night I was dreaming about using different punches and how I was going to make a certain card.). I am so thankful that people are looking at my little blog and taking time to comment. It means the absolute world to me and I can’t get through everything without the kind words of fellow bloggers!

I also had a little laugh when I looked at some of my older cards. A kind lady bought a card from me on eBay which was from my first collection and I laughed out loud. It was so poorly done and just not to the standard that I am making cards now. So to sort this situation I reinvented it in a neater and more beautiful way..and she really loved the changes i had made!

Does anyone know anything about making a site where I can sell my products? and link it to paypal for secure payment. I don’t really like using eBay and Coraindr as my main sources of selling because they are actually ridiculously expensive! Can’t believe that today I got a bill for £10 for listing 5 cards on coriandr. I felt a little cheated by this! SO any hints and tips about how to do a website would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for the great start,






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2 responses to “Happy & Thankful.

  1. Thanks for the lovely comment chick! And I do believe congratulations are in order! So glad to hear your business is doing well, wish you LOADS of luck for the future :) xxx

  2. Thanks so much Lucy!! And also congratulations to yourself for fashion week :-).
    2011 must be a great year!

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