Support the little businesses!

Love this image! makes me want to arrange some afternoon tea.

A feature that I am wanting to introduce to the blog is called “Supporting the little businesses!”. This is something that we have decided to do this year as a resolution. And what it means is that we are going to all the small little coffee shops, restaurants and boutiques to shop and eat.

So for our first visit we went to Kember & Jones.

Location:    134 Byres Rd, Glasgow.

What we ordered: 2 x Green and Blacks Fairtrade chocolate.

They were very delicious (topped with grated chocolate which was a nice touch!) and only £2.25 each.  In Starbucks I am usually £2.95 and it isn’t Fairtrade and also tastes a little bit like chemicals!

So overall we enjoyed the little cafe. although because it was a sort of restaurant too we felt a little bit like we were encroaching on table space with just our two little hot chocolates!



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