Crossy Stitches

Hi all!

Today I have really been creating more for the new card range. They are looking really beautiful and I can’t wait to get them photographed and on here to show you!

On a silly I have been crawling and hoping about because some how I have really hurt my foot/ankle. So that has made card making a little bit of an obstacle as I hobbled over to the punch drawer and then over to the paper drawer. Ouch!

Today I was thinking about how crafts is now my life and how I used to use my crafts to wind down after busy days. But now that I am winding down from crafts I think I need another craft to take the place. I decided my wind-down craft when watching tv or just after a long day in the craft room should be Cross stitch! The results are so beautiful and i think I would really enjoy it! Here is some lovely things I found that are cross stitched!



Beautiful..yea! Click the photos for the credit.

I also want to update my inspiration page because I have loads of new blogs that I view daily and really want to show my support.


Night Night



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