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Today I visited the local ( and most beautiful shop in the world) shop that sells my products. I almost cried. Allie and Jemma have made the most incredible display that I was so overwhelmed with how good everything looked. Some things I actually wanted to buy myself because she displayed them and just gave them that little charm. I really am so passionate about all my items and seeing them in a REAL shop and knowing that they are selling is just…

I don’t think there are any words to explain what a feeling it is!

I was meaning to take some photos today of the display but the batteries on my camera ran out and I couldn’t find any others.  Typical me!

I wanted to highlight how amazing Lavender Blue is in this post and how thankful I am for them for taking in my items and believing in me. I couldn’t have broken into the world of business without them.

I was browsing on their blog today and realised that they have said such lovely things about me in their new post. I cannot thank them enough for their support!

(Click the image to visit their lovely blog.)

And also..if you live in Glasgow or fancy a road trip?…Get down to Lavender Blue for all your Valentine’s Flowers! They are a delightful shop. I am in love!

Thank you Allie and Jemma.



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  1. It sounds wonderful – congratulations! Isn’t the knowledge that someone else loves and uses the things you create one of the best feelings?

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