10 Things I love This Week

Wow! Can you believe it is Thursday already?

I am really excited today as I have been planning what I am going to be making next and where I should next approach with my products. I have also been thinking a lot about business cards and websites and e-mail domains but really don’t know where to start. I would love some really beautiful illustrations, a cute and quirky logo, sweet business cards and a cool website that people can buy things from. Big list!

Let me know if you know anything about any of the above because I am a newbie and amen’t sure!

Here is my 10 things I have loved this week:

1.//  Owl images! I am really loving little owls at the moment. I made an owl card and just loved it and would really like to start a whole range with them. Aren’t they just so sweet? Here is some of my favourite Owly things. [I would also like to note that if a real owl came up to me I would be terrified. But the illustrated owls and the owls I am making aren’t frightening! :)]

2.// Topshop’s spring collection is coming in slowly but surely and I am loving it! I have this skirt in a berry pinky/red but I do like the new lilac very much!

3.// I think this little shop will be my next target for “Support the Little Businesses”. It is called Cup and it is on Byres Road in Glasgow’s West End. Cupcakes, tea and delights..Yes Please! Can’t wait to blog about it and eat cupcakes!

4.// More from Nicola and Sticky Tigers. I love all her products so much! Order from her, you will not be disappointed! (Fantastic products, fast delivery and a friendly owner!) I love the bicycle stamps..I feel i could work up a nice range of bike cards with these…Hmm..

5.//  The most beautiful party I have ever ever seen. Ever! Isn’t E from Pink Suede Shoe a genius? She can do everything. Such an inspiration for me :).

6.// A band I just discovered called The Like. They are from California and I just love their styling! Check out this video..cute catchy song and great clothes. Yup!

7.// These amaazing Miu Miu wedges. Had to upload a few photos of these bad boys. yumyumyum is all I can say.

8.// The styling of lovely Selena Gomez in this photoshoot. Bikes + Berets = what I am loving right now.

9.// These little rings. I love how dainty they are! I am inspired to try making some rings. I wear rings all the time and I would love to make some really cute and different pieces! :)

10.// love love love this storage plan for ribbons by Sugar*Sugar! great idea for all those loose bits and pieces..and i love luggage tags!


What are your favourite things? Let me know! :)


Lots of Love,

Messy La




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2 responses to “10 Things I love This Week

  1. It is very rare to find a post like this on any blog and love everything, but I truly love ALL of these!!!

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