10 Inspirational Things- Etsy Edition!


Even though Etsy is an American site, I still find myself enthralled by all the different things that I could buy. The range is endless and there is so many talented artists out there that are selling the most beautiful things! So for this weeks ‘Weekly Finds’, I felt it was only right to show my appreciation to Etsy, it’s artists and their wonderful products.

1.// Layla Amber’s delicious earings. Jammy Dodgers!! love love love. makes me so hungry!

2.// Also by talented Layla Amber is these spotty mug earings. They are my cup-of-tea!

3.// The cutest little bunnies. Ever.

4.// This pillow. I just feel it is so cute and just hits a personal spot for me :- ).

5.// A tea-bag holder mini dish. With a little bike!! (Which also ties in with last weeks inspiration!)

6.// A teacup ring! I have a little cake ring so this would be the perfect match for it.

7.// A rainy day necklace. Love how it is pictured on a french book – lovely touch!

8.// These “tie” luggage tags. Thought it might be a lovely idea for father’s day for my little business.

9.// This beautiful mushroom pouch from Paper Sparrow.

10.// I love turtles. I love bags. What about a turtle clutch back?? Yes! You heard me. Look at this beauty:

Hope you enjoyed these lovely things as much as I did! That was my quickest weekly finds post yet. This week I bookmarked all the pages so I had the images and links ready. Clever. Because normally I look for them again and get side tracked and find more things and it all gets a little tricky to be honest.

Let me know what you think. :- )





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4 responses to “10 Inspirational Things- Etsy Edition!

  1. most people will ship international if you send them a message first, and you pay through Paypal which will do all the monetary changes for you!

  2. Eeep! That turtle clutch absolutely slays me. I think I would squeal every time I looked at it!!!


  3. Better prepare your bank account too :)

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