Project Restyle!

(Click the image above to find out more about Elsie’s Project Restyle!)

As many of you know, Elsie & Rachel of A Beautiful Mess and Smile and Wave have created Project Restyle.  It is such a great thing and is a really eco-friendly/saving the planet type of task!

So this week I had a little extra time and joined the Flikr Group and decided to make something to post onto it.

I made a Crocheted Flower Garland.

Lying around in my stash I had:

– Various colours of wool. (All donated to my little business by generous old ladies via my granny)

– Some vintage buttons. (Sourced from those same old ladies!)

– A wire hanger.

I never use wire hangers for my clothes but I had some around the house and thought it might be cool to utilise them. But how?

So I did some bending, some crocheting, some sewing on and some re-jigging and ta-daa! I made a lovely little flower garland that is perfect for Spring. I may sell her..but I am not quite sure. She is maybe just too beautiful to let go..



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