my pretty products

Today I did that thing. You know, when you pretend to be someone else and think what they would think if they saw your blog? Well when I did that, I realised you wouldn’t really know what it is I do.

I am a card maker, a crocheter, a knitter and a sewer. I make everything from cards to favor bags to book marks to brooches. Lots of beautiful things that I am really proud of and spend all my days doing.  Here is a little peek at the stuff that I have been working on recently. .

This is just 8 things out of loads and loads and loads. Just giving you a little taster about what it is I do. I love my job!

Thanks for so many blog views today. I love to see my blog growing! :)




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4 responses to “my pretty products

  1. Wow, your cards and bookmarks are so unique and beautiful! I love the different pictures and retro type-writer print – it reminds me of when I was little typing on my mom and dad’s old typewriter! :)

  2. Loooove that cupcake!!!


  3. Cute stuff!! :) I *love* the cupcake card!

  4. The wedding owls card is adorable. And I love the way you’ve displayed them on a mini easel.

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