10 Lovely Things This Week

Can you believe it is Thursday already? I have seen lots of lovely things this week as I have found lots more blogs and have started using Blog Lovin so I can consistently see these lovely blogs on a day to day basis. So without further adooo..

10 beautiful, inspirational things. As always, click the photo to take you to the page that I found it :)

1.// An owl themed birthday party! I am really loving little cute owls these days and then I stumbled across a blog called “My Owl Barn”. It is a really sweet blog. Check it out!

2.// Glittery star headbands on beautiful satin ribbons. Veronica from Crack the Sky is very talented and has made these pretty hair pieces. I really want one…and the amazing thing..She ships to the UK! Deffinetly a present for myself once I complete some mother’s day things. (As a reward) It also comes in lots of different colours..I think I would go for pink. No silver. No copper.  I really can’t choose!

She also has a lovely blog that I am following on Blog Lovin!

3.// This incredible pink Vivienne Westwood love-heart shaped bag. I have a cheapo version from Topshop 3 or 4 years ago but this is just lovely. I originally saw it in Look Magazine this week but it is available from Hervia.com!

I think I could give it a nice home. I would love if Vivienne herself felt the same!

4.// Stampin’ up ink pads. I love the colours, love how fast they dry. Love everything! But I don’t have any at this moment.. I want to get a stampin up brochure and order lots. It is so addictive buying supplies..

5.// After finding and following a reaaally lovely blog called I go by Katie, I ordered a book that she recommended. It is called Craft Inc. I am really excited for it to arrive and to get reading..it is all about starting up a craft business.

6.// Also by I Go By Katie..She is a cobbler. How amazing is that? She makes little moccasins and I am dying to save up some money to get a pair. Shoe enthusiasts should dip their toes into every type of shoe, Yes? (Literally)

7.// Whilst reading Look magazine this week I noticed that Marina (from Marina and The Diamonds) was wearing such unusual, fun, colourful shoes. I love shoe and even love crazy looking shoes too..I just think they are all so great! They are by irregular choice.

8.// I have decided (after binging on Twiglets and brownies) that i am going to stop eating crisps, sweets and chococlate. Have smoothies each day, eat a healthy dinner and have cereal for my breakfast. So in honour of this new regime i found this cute image from We Heart It!

9.// Rachel Bilson. I loved her in the OC and recently she has been in alot of magazines with cute little outfits and also some adventurous outfits. I just admire her style and how she is so petite!

I think that might be a pair of moccasin-ish shoes. If so, should’ve gone to As Go By Katie!

10.// red hair. I. want. you. so. badly. . . please.


I have been getting alot of blog views these past few days and I just want to tell you how thankful I am and how much it means to me! Keep coming back, and let me know so I can follow you too! :)


La xo



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2 responses to “10 Lovely Things This Week

  1. Veronica

    Yay, thanks!! Those rainbow wedges are killer!!!!

  2. Oooh – lovely finds!! :) That red hair photo has *me* wanting it, too! he he. And ‘craft inc’ is such an amazing book!! Happy weekend. :)

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