10 things I love!

I have had a really exciting week this week. I have made another (very large sale), made lots and lots of items, photographed alot and hit a high of 71 blog views in one day! I know it isn’t much in comparison, but I am so proud of my little blog and I am so extremely thankful to everyone that has visited and left comments!

Now for the inspirational finds! (As always, click the pictures for credit! )

1.// A vintage style teacup hair clasp. it is so cute!

2.// Moorea Seal! She is one to watch, follow, buy from, admire, everything! Her little book necklaces are just incredible. The detail is just..wow!

Imagine writing a secret message in there!

3.// This pink bicycle top from Topshop. P.S. I have ordered it!

4.// Instax cameras! Everyone has these really cool white ones on the bloggy world. I have a blue polaroid camera but they have discontinued the film for it so I can’t really use it. I would like to keep one of these on my list for things to buy in 2011!

5.// I got a Blackberry Curve this week and I am really nervous about dropping it or scraping it. So I thought I would research handmade Blackberry holders and I found this really cute one on Etsy!

This has inspired me to make something like this! :) Can’t wait!

6.// How I am going to a dot com domain this week! I am soo excited. I have lots of things planned like a blog re-do, buttons made, items on online shops..everything!

7.// I really do have a soft spot for rubber stamps! Again from Nicola at Sticky Tiger Supplies!

8.// I love the Kite Dress that is in Elsie and Mallory’s Spring line! So pretty and a lovely colour. They have all sold out! Boohoo.

9.// If i purchased the instax camera, this sweet little organiser idea by Oh So Lovely is simply gorgeous! So effective. Like like like! Also Sunshine and Carousels and Oh So Lovely are beautiful blogs.

10.// And last but not least.. Hats! There is so many styles of hats around these days but I don’t feel that I could pull them off. Here is some that I am loving.



Back tomorrow :)


La xo


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  1. Anyone can pull off a floppy hat. Go for it! Thanks for the Kite Dress love too :)

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