I have some goals for this month. Exercise more, eat healthier, strip my hair of its dark dye at the moment and re-colour it red, get some new clothes and get a new tattoo.

Ever feel like that’s what you need to do? Make a goal list for the next month or so? Well this goal path started today. Cause sometimes you need some things to look forward to don’t you?

I have also applied to get my blog designed by the lovely and talented design team Freckled Nest. Their designs are so pretty, unique and exactly what I am looking for. So I am very excited to get the process started and then start sponsoring other blogs!

Here are my inspirational pictures that are keeping me going this week..Just some things I like to think and get excited about!

All items from topshop. Love!

Elizabeth Hayley’s Crafty Tattoo. Love Love Love. I can’t wait to get another!

Katie from SkunkBoy Creature’s hair! The colour is so beautiful.


And a little video to lift my spirits.






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3 responses to “Goals

  1. I like your goals sounds like mine.

    Check out my blog.

  2. omg i love the sleeveless dress you posted above. that whole outfit is so cute :)

    <3 steffy

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