La Loves – Cath Kidston Edition!

This week at work I was flicking threw the Cath Kidston magazine and realised that I love every little thing in there. Their new season items are just so beautiful and I think if I won the lottery, my whole house and self would be kitted out with Cath Kidston. So here are the beautiful things that I found..

1.// A sweet doctor’s bag! How cute would this be?

2.// This radio. wow. wow. wow. I don’t listen to the radio that much, but if I had this beaut..I would!

3.// A lunch box! This makes me want sandwiches with a little packet of crisps and a carton of Ribena.

4.// Eep! Doesn’t every crafter want this? I have the matching necklace and bracelet. So i feel this is a sensible purchase..yes?

5.// This amazing cool bag! I love how it looks like a vintage satchel. I would love a little picnic now :-)!

6.// I love how Cath Kidston makes a variety of different things these days. Like this sticky tape and these cupcake cases! How is like Cath Kidston style washi tape!

7.// A headgehog pin cushion! Imagine with all the little pins in it how cute it will be. I am liking hedgehogs at the moment also.

8.// Picnic bowls!

9.// Eggy cups. I love the orange and green ones. 

And last but not least..

10.// This crazy looking bag. I love the pompoms and the vibrant colours.

All items are from Cath Kidston and if you haven’t visited the website before I suggest you do. But I warn you that it has some items that are too beautiful to leave un bought. Good Luck!



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  1. I love Cath Kidston! The prints are just so pretty. I think that bowl is my favourite :3

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