Pretty Packages

Hi! This is an exciting post of a very very exciting morning.

A few weeks ago, I posted about my disappointing trip to Tinderbox and having a rubbish white chocolate hot chocolate – which you can read here. E from Pink Suede Shoe suggested that I try a chocolate mix that she loves and that I was sure to fall in love with it. And very kindly said she would send it out to me!  How lovely is that?

I knew instantly who the package was from because E is the queen of washi tape. Seriously! It was herself that got me falling in love with it and inspired me to make a collection of my own. It was the photo below that made my heart stop! The colours, the organisation. eep it makes me so happy.

The above image is from this post. :)

Oops, See how distracted I can get with washi tape and E’s blog? Well, I was so happy that the package arrived that I was running about like a headless chicken looking for scissors. When I opened it I realised that not only did E send me a large tub of White Chocolate mix..she also sent me little satchets of every type of mix! Including a personal fav to try: milk chocolate with candy cane pieces! Doesn’t that sound amazing?

AND..E also sent me pom pom makers!! I blogged that when I created my craft room, I was very good at keeping everything organised and not losing anything. Apart from my pom pom makers. They got lost in the move. But now I have 2 new pom pom makers in two sizes : 2 1/2 inch and 3 3/8 inch!

I am completely over the moon and can’t wait to show you what I’ve been up to with my presents. Lets just say…its been a very pompom and chocolatey weekend. Aka. The best weekend combination. ever!

Thank you E for being so generous! And everyone, if you haven’t visited Pink Suede Shoe then click here! E is my inspiration behind creating a blog and her posts are a lovely crafty read.


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