La Loves


Isn’t it nice to see a change around here? I cuddled up with a blanket and sat by the computer for hours tonight and spruced up the front page of my blog. There is still a lot of tweaking to do..but I will get there! I am so pleased everything is coming together and it makes me go ‘eeek’. But I think that’s cause I have square eyes now and am starting to go a little histerical because i’ve been plonked in front of the computer for about… 4 hours. Oh dear. I better be quick and get to bed!

Thursday again, which means it’s time for my favourite things this week. I’ve decided to start calling it “La Loves” for continuity throughout my blog. So here we go..


1.// This pretty bag from Topshop. I love the pastel colours that come with spring!

2.// Toadstools! They remind me of playing fairies when I was a little little little messy la. These little guys are from an Etsy shop called Stemellina Supplies!

3.// When there is little patterns in my coffee or hot choco. On purpose. I really want to know how to do it! I wonder if there is a youtube video..And while I am there I would like to know how to make the perfect coffee.

Image found via We Heart It.

4.// Now that the spring weather is coming in I can’t wait to start my gardening again. So I thought I should look for a new watering can!

5.// Michelle from Scissor Quirk’s Mr Moustache! He’s so cute!


Hope you liked these as much as I did. I am off to bed! Good Night bloggers!


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  1. I love the new design! And I always get excited when I order a coffee and there is a neat pattern on the top :)

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