I have been a bit distant from the blog for a few days and started to miss it! Here is what I have been up to these past few days..

1.// It has been raining in Glasgow. Alot.

2.// I have been doing a lot of pom pom making and crocheting. (More about those when the rain goes and I can take some lovely photos!). Making PomPom’s using the maker that E sent me..it’s genius! I was doing 15pph. (Pompoms per hour).

3.// Despite the recent blog facelift..it’s not quite finished. I still need to make images for all the different pages. Eek. But a new banner is on its way courtesy of Camp Smartypants!

4.// I love Camp Smartypants. Rachel’s blog is one to follow!

5.// I am SO inspired to start my gardening. Anyone have any ideas or tips? I read that you can’t expect your first garden to flourish. Which made me smile because 2 years ago I grew some veg in the teeniest tiniest greenhouse ever. (See pictures above and below!) I am also inspired by The Dainty Squid’s gardening section!


6.// I have been watching alot of House. It’s so addictive!

7.// Mother’s Day was a great success for MessyLa! I sold various cards and lots of other bits and pieces in my lovely stockists Lavender Blue and Native Flowers!

8.// I have planned a whole new range. I am super excited to get started. But I feel time is just such an issue these days. Where has it gone? Don’t you wish you had Bernard’s Watch.. I would love that.

9.// Using ColourB4 hair stripper for it to turn my hair orange. I don’t recommend it! Then I dyed it caramel, and it still has hints of orange. I give up.

10.// Reading a book about vegetable growing throughout the seasons. It’s so informative and really easy to follow and understand! See here.


What have you been up to :-)?



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