Today is for..

…Bloggy Things!

So today I listed some new cards on my Online Shop. And by new I mean they are my first ever cards that I made but I feel they are too beautiful to just go into the cupboard! It is so strange to see my original style and what it has progressed to. It gives me my mojo back to really make sure I tie in my old style with my new and still continue to grow as a business.

Card making is my favourite job in the business, I find it so rewarding and a challenge to make cards for an anonymous person. Does that make sense? hehe.

Here are the little pictures of some of the new/oldie cards that I listed. Click the images to view them!

Also I would like to say that on my Online Shop it suggests I only ship to the Uk..but I ship worldwide with a small extra fee. So if you are interested, then just send me an e-mail! I would be very flattered.

I love sharing pictures of my items! :-)

I am really trying to make sure I post daily, and even sometimes twice a day!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.



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