La Loves..

I missed my La Loves last week, but I have found some lovely things that I have been so excited to share with you. These past few weeks I have been in a gardening mood, which has stemmed from the warm weather. I am so inspired to have a completely edible garden, brimming with veggies and edible flowers. Also having a really pretty garden is on my list of achievements.

Here are my favourite things this week…

1.// Alys Fowler. She is so cool! She is a gardener and has a tv series called “The Edible Garden”. It is magnificent! I am slightly upset though (Slighty meaning super duper upset) that I missed one of them and can’t find it anywhere.

She has 3 books out, which have graced my Amazon basket this week.

2.// Rabbits.

Found via We Heart It.

I think I am getting a rabbit, and I am struggling to find a name? The rabbit is a bit chubby, white with orangey/ginger spots. Let me know of any suggestions! :-)

3.// Elycia’s Big Hair Tutorial! And her blog in general is a delight.

Click the image to view the tutorial!

4.// Happy Loves Rosie. Wowow! Look at her creative space:

click the image to see the vintage caravan post!

This is just incredible!

5.// Fifties style sundresses. This would be lovely in the garden..I am longing for a country life.


Come back later to see some new garden additions. Garlic, rocket, strawberries and baby leaf lettuce.



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2 responses to “La Loves..

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog :)
    My sister did a tutorial on her blog about how to do the cupcake nails, if your interested heres the link
    Shes got other cute designs on there too! :)

  2. Oh, good finds!! That yellow dress is to-die-for! :)

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