Today I planted my first few plants for my garden this year. And wow, I am so excited! I planted rocket, baby leaf salad, garlic, parsley and strawberries. A little selection, all very yummy.

My greenhouse is about the size of a shoebox. It is tiny, but if you have a thrifty mind and don’t mind squishing things up and rotating the pots round so each gets enough sun it is still useful and useable. The cats share it too though, and today I had a nice little surprise to find Osc in his low bed cocoon!

So I potted up my plants in different terra cotta pots. Although I ran out and planted my strawberries in a colander. A thrifty idea which came to me suddenly. I loved the planting stage – getting all muddy and being involved in the process. I started off wearing gloves but really felt they restricted me and I wanted to feel everything. (especially the little spidery roots). Although I am paying for it now, with muddy nails and wrinkly hands.

Overall, I am SO excited to see some progress. Until I get my bigger garden, my small greenhouse will have to do. Also I have never grown garlic, so I am anxious and nervous to see how that turns out and essentially…how do you know when it is ready to harvest?! Eek.

(Look how small it is :()



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2 responses to “Planting

  1. Your little greenhouse is SO cute! One of my goals this year is to plant a herb garden… I should get onto that. I am trying to grow some strawberries right now though :)

  2. That cat bed cocoon is so sweet! I am obsessed with wicker lately, but my bf will have none of it.

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