Bonne Maman

If you are a crafter anything like myself, you will be a hoarder. Latching on to any piece of rubbish, scraps, unwanted thing that may have the potential to be something quite ravishing… some day. ‘Some day’ referring to that day in the future that has not quite surfaced yet, but it’ll come.

For me that day arrived. I have been collecting jam jars. Bonne Maman jars to be precise because they have the red and white gingham lid and the glass body. I have never really found a use for them apart from sitting looking pretty on a shelf.


So I jazzed up the jars with a little crochet jumper. Something bright and cheery! I feel now they are even more beautiful than they were originally. I would love a gift of some jam and some honey, both wearing their little jumpers.

Isn’t it so cute?

Toast + Jam + Jam Cover = love!

Does this count as a project restyle? I think it does. I gave new life to an old jar. Yay!

& Osc.



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4 responses to “Bonne Maman

  1. I have always loved these jars and I love what you’ve done with them! Definitely counts as a restyle.



  2. How cute! I always save glass jars too, they’re so pretty I can’t bear to throw them away. I just need to be faster at eating jam, hehe.

  3. Your blog is so bright and fun! x

  4. I love these jars too!… I use them to hold my small sewing and scrapbooking supplies:)
    I love the jar cozy:)

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