La Loves Friday

1.// I love all of Katie’s (Skunkboy Creatures) creatures, but I particularly fell in love with a tiny little bunny called Mallow.

I would love to use her as a good luck charm and always carry her around in my bag!

2.// this butterfly and vine headband from Topshop. It is so whimsical and reminds me of one of my favorite blogs Camp SmartyPants. It also would be lovely for this summery weather we are having! :-)

3.// Emma and Elsie’s Easter Chocolate bars. Yum-de-dum. These look scrumptious! Recipe shared here.

4.// Katiee Bee’s Pyrex Collection. I love pyrex now, especially after seeing Pink Suede Shoe’s collection originally. I am a little baffled though, because I think in the UK pyrex is only glasswears. I have a pyrex plate, but no way is it as pretty as these!!

5.// I pimped up my little mac. With russian doll icons! They are so cute. I found them via A piece of Lisa. Her blog is so beautiful also folks, take a lookie.

Back later with a few more posts. Gardening, what’s in my bag (first edition!!) and some other bits and bobs.



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2 responses to “La Loves Friday

  1. I love Katie’s animals too! They are so adorable.

    I have an embarrassingly enormous Pyrex collection. It’s a weakness of mine… : )

    Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!



  2. I love your little Russian dolls!
    my dad used to collect the little wooden ones that fit inside eachother.

    super cute!

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