my first harvest

at the weekend, we got a new barbeque and had some cheese burgers. And do you want to know the best part? The salad was from my garden! Baby leaf lettuce, rocket, parsley and some chives. There is such an overwhelming joy you get from eating something that you have cared for and nurtured. The rewards are marvelous and I really can’t wait to step it up a notch and grow everything that is humanly possible!

and also, my strawberry plant has flowered! I am so excited for the day that I get some strawberries to put in my bowl of cornflakes each morning.

p.s. i do realise that if anyone saw me in my garden they would think i was a loony. But i think that is the joy of growing; that you look after it and take photos and enjoy the experience.

I hope everybody had a lovely Easter!



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3 responses to “my first harvest

  1. Aww, it’s so sweet you got to have your own salad in your burgers! Great stuff :)
    In response to your comment, the car boot I went to yesterday was at Cheddar and it is HUGE! It has an inside and an outside which is lovely. The inside is mostly antiques and lots of lovely vintage fabrics, buttons, teapots etc etc. If you ever get the chance to got to it then hop to it right away!

  2. NOTHING beats salad from the garden. Nothing.

    I do have pics of my Pyrex collection, here:

    Pyrex Collection

    But, since I didn’t renew my “Pro” account with Flickr, they have hidden 80% of them : ( I have a lot. Too much. Like sort of a crazy amount. But I love it!

    Do you have any?



  3. That’s lovely, I wish I had a garden to grow stuff in. They always taste so much better than store-bought veggies as well! :)

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