New Plants!

Last week my granny sent me up some new plants for me to love and enjoy. 3 little lettuce plants, spring onions and basil. I find it so exciting watching the progress of all my plants and also looking into the greenhouse and seeing an abundance of greenery. I really love the sunshine for what it does to my plants! :)

They are still in their original pots, so I need to do some replanting and thrifting to find some lovely floral pots i feel!

Each day I take the plants out into the garden and give them a good soaking and leave them out in the fresh air and sun. And everyday, Bert decides to take a little nibble of each plant (see photos below!). How does he know what is edible and what is not? clever boy!

Have a lovely day!

I have been doing some crocheting today that I will share later :)



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2 responses to “New Plants!

  1. lovely. your dog is super cute!

  2. hahaha! Your dog is adorable! Such a cutie!

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