La Loves and Weekend Updates

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I really can’t believe how fast the days go. I always say each week that I can’t believe it is time for La Loves again, but I really am baffled by the days passing by. I feel like I can’t remember what has happened/what i’ve done in the last 5ish years. Why does everything go so fast? Perhaps I need a new watch so I can manage my time each day and make the most of things. Maybe, just maybe.

But despite the week flying in, I still saw some pretty beautiful things. Here we go :-)

1.// This vintage watering can from MiraHaven, etsy store. Eep, imagine that in the dream garden I always talk about?

2.// This image about bikes. I am in love. It’s now my  desktop background!

3.//  A pear print headband!! From Topshop.

4.//  Alice in wonderland. And especially this phrase found via We Heart It.

5.// Ring from HeyDay Handmade via Etsy!

I am now off to do some walking.

Back tomorrow with some plants and new cards!


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One response to “La Loves and Weekend Updates

  1. Leah!

    i love blog!
    i have been wanting to start a blog for a long time, but everytime i do it doesn’t amount to anything like this! how do you make a blog like this? what site are you using? are you paying for it? and how do you customize it?

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