New Cards!

Last week I treated myself to those lovely bike stamps that I have been raving about. They are from my favourite supply store called Sticky Tiger. Nicola provides an incredible, super-quick service and I am never ever disappointed!

So when they arrived I was so eager to make some cards using them and I came up with this little guy:

I loved it so much.. that I made another…20 or so more! It was so fun and I absolutely love the stamps.

I also made these:

I made these ones from all the owls I showed you the other day. Making them tiny little hats with tiny little tassels.

What do you think? I love making owls and I am in love with my new stamps. So, overall, it’s been a pretty good few days of making!


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One response to “New Cards!

  1. Mri

    Oh I absolutely love your cards ! You have no idea
    It’s so wonderful to see how much love you put in making them !
    I’m so happy for you <3

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