That is the question lingering on my mind.

I will share my dillema.

Currently, I am selling on Coriandr. (See here) And although I think it’s a pretty good system – listings stay on forever and only cost 20p per listing. – i haven’t received any sales. It may be wrong to blame Coriandr for this, since it may well be that my products suck! But is it as popular as Etsy? Most of the blogs I view are American and I feel that the most popular server is most likely to be Etsy. It’s just as cheap, but listings only last about 4-6months. Which is still great, compared to eBay which is only for 28 days.

What do you think? I have started to create an Etsy store (See here) and listed one item to see what it would look like. I am desperate to get myproducts out into the interweb and for everyone world wide to see them, and I personally feel that Etsy might give me the platform to do this.

So I think I answered my own question, Etsy. But i would love to hear from my viewers, do you think Etsy is the way to go?



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2 responses to “Selling

  1. Hm, I’ve actually never heard of Coriandr! I think that of the online shop options, Etsy is definitely the best known. That being said (and speaking as an Esty seller), Etsy is so flooded with sellers that just being there isn’t likely to get you sales. Either way, your primary way of getting things seen will be to promote like crazy. So, my roundabout advice is to go with whatever place you feel the most comfortable using.

  2. I signed up to Etsy and got a lot of interest but no sales. It’s better now they have the option to convert into English currency. I also signed up to Folksy which is the British version of Etsy, but I haven’t listed anything yet so can’t really say much for the sale side of it.

    Katie x

    PS – had a mooch on your Corriandr page, your cards are fab! I don’t use my pinking shears much, I can’t cut in a straight line!!

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