Green ♡ Vert ♡ Verde

My greenhouse is looking just as the name suggests – green!

It literally fills me with joy when I look in and the greenhouse looks like a mini jungle. Everything is growing tall and it smells incredible. I really wish there was some sort of way to capture the smell of the greenhouse and blog about it. So it could be called a smlog. Because all the different herbs and the soil is mixing together to make this amazing earthy aroma. I feel like a hippy talking about the smells in my greenhouse, but it’s becoming a passion of mine!

I also have a few new additions to the greeny – sweet peppers and chili peppers. And a non edible plant, which is my favourite in the world: Hyacinths.

She is such a trooper. My top shelf of the greenhouse is becoming a little over crowded and despite being in the corner with the tip of a hedge trimmer balancing precariously above her, she still manages to blossom beautifully.

Also, my chives are flowering!! Oh what a beautiful sight.


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