Little Seedlings From Barcelona

My sister and her fiance are just back from sunny barcelona with a gift for me and my greenhouse.


I am a happy bunny. They also picked the specific seeds that could grow in a cold climate which was super appropriate because, well, Glasgow isn’t that reliable for the sunshine to put it lightly! Whilst photographing, the cats joined me for a little photoshoot. Especially Ike. :-)

Red Radishes and Carrots!

EEk! No english on the carrots. Maybe i will learn some Spanish to translate this..

And lastly, some brotherly love. This makes me so happy! :)



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2 responses to “Little Seedlings From Barcelona

  1. Your kitties are so cute! And home-grown carrots are delicious :)

  2. How fun! I wish I had a yard so I could have a little vegetable garden. I live in a city, and have often been tempted to grow upside down tomatoes out on my fire escape, though! Have fun :)

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