My dedication to my little blog has been slipping away these few weeks, which I always get a little upset about! But, if i am honest – it is a good sign. It’s like your desk. When my desk is empty it means I have no work and therefore I have time to clear it and be a tad OCD. And right now it is like a bomb. No a tornado has happened in the Messy La HQ. Which, therefore, means that I have been mega busy with loads of orders and it’s just a great feeling! Does that make sense?

Anywho, this weekend I had a trip to my local craft store and bought some new papers. And WOW! I hadn’t been in about 3 months and all the papers in my drawer just didn’t seem inspiring or card worthy. There was just so many new designs and lovely patterns and new desginers. I really had an amazing time rummaging through everything and occasionally fighting over a specific paper with fellow crafters.

So i thought I should do a little La Loves to let you know some things I have been loving this week:

1.// My Mind’s Eye cardstock makes me over the moon. I love the texture, the colours, the patterns and the beautiful cards I make with them.

especially this pattern:

I made some really sweet “New Job” cards using this paper today. Which I will hopefully photograph before it disappears to Cassiopeia!

2.// Papermania bows and flower embellishments. I stocked up on these at Craftworld. I love using them on my cards these days.

Of course I bought them in every colour variation. Tehe.

3.// Beautiful floral print shoes from River Island.

4.//  This wallpaper called Summer Palace. I ordered it yesterday for my new room! Weeheeee.

5.// This cute little image. It makes my heart melt!

Found here. (L)

Back later tomorrow. (Aka today, although it still feels like yesterday to me.)

Am i making any sense today?


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  1. That wallpaper is beautiful!

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