This weekend I have felt a little flu-ey and the thing that has kept me going is the beautiful blogs out there that are full of inspirational things. I love finding new blogs and after rummaging the world wide web I found some beauties that really are my cup of T.


I hope you have all been well this week and are ready for this next coming week. I just wanted to share a few little details with you and to check in so I am not totally missing from blogland.

I have decided on my new colour scheme for my fresh new blog look: blues purples and greens. I really want to keep it simple and elegant but still super cute. I just feel that in the last few weeks I have grown up a little bit more and need a change!

Tonight i also dyed my hair a plum shade. Its so vibrant and gave me a little perk up from my flu. Hair good = feel good!

I also am really so excited to move house. You will love all the new blog features I have in mind. Lets just say there will be some foraging in the woods, some cottage life, lots more cooking and baking, a rabbit called Basil and some beautiful things. Everytime I think about it I clap my hands!

I don’t like not having new photos to share with you. But soon, there will be loads.

Have a lovely day.

1 day left of may, Hello June!



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