Beautiful Things

This week has been lovely as I feel like I am getting back into the swing of blogging regularly and keeping up with Messy La things despite the move. After all, a laptop can be taken anywhere!

This week has been full of my blog spring clean and make over, making my twitter account and being the first week of June where I am sponsoring The Dainty Squid!

Here is some things that I have been completely loving this week:

I think everyone can agree that this is the nicest video ever to be on the internet. I am so pleased for Elsie and Jeremy. Their wedding has the cutest styling ever!

I am so interested in little penguins at the moment. Roll in summer so I can go to Edinburgh Zoo and see the parade. :o

Image found here.

Topshop Heels. I think these are just so wacky and jazzy. Love!

Bunting Bed Covers! Eep! This would be perfect in my new room. Yup.

Finding new blogs and appreciating the blogs that I love so much already!

Lyndall’s Blog makes me very happy, her posts are always so lovely.

Back Later. :-)


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One response to “Beautiful Things

  1. You’re so sweet! Thank you ♥

    I love all of these things, especially the bunting bed cover!

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