What’s in my toolbox? ☁

Firstly, How cute is that little cloud! ☁. I really love it.

Okay, now to the point in my blog post. Today I thought it’d be a good post to share with you what is in my toolbox. I put the things that I use the most in here and the essentials. All of which are for card making which is my favourite thing to make. Of course, when I was trying to photograph my little tool box, a little ginger and white cat decided he wanted to be the centre of attention. Osc, you little cutie!

The toolbox itself is a fishing tackle box that was my dads. It has such a vintage vibe (because it is, tehe), I love the colour scheme of it and how it is so cute.

1. Embellishments. I love decorating my cards with little bows or flowers.
2. Tim Holtz Distress Ink in ‘worn lipstick’ and ‘shabby shutters’. Inking around the edges of shapes I have punched out is a technique that I love to do. It is really effective and gives depth to a simple piece of cardstock!
3. Glue sticks for the glue gun. E-ssen-tial.
4. Scissors that cut zig zags. (Technical term: Pinking Sheers)
5. Paper Scissors.
6. Emergency Washi Tape in my favourite pattern.
7. Pom Pom makers. Y’know, for emergency pompom needs..
8. Adhesives of all kinds. My favourites are pop dots big and tiny, minature glue dots and a roll on snail adhesive. I also have a large ATG gun, but that unforunately doesn’t fit in my little box.

I hope you liked this post, I love having a nosey at peoples craft rooms and their equipment so I thought I would share a peek of my tool box.

Have a lovely sunday folks!



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3 responses to “What’s in my toolbox? ☁

  1. Thanks so much for your message! :) Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

    Lisa xx

  2. Your cat is gorgeous.

    Just discovered your blog, and would love it if you popped by mine sometime.

    Andrea x

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