Moorland Cottage

The past few weeks have been really busy, and I haven’t had much crafty content in my blog. I am moving house and for now my craft room is in boxes. But I am not letting this stifle my creativity. I have been trailing from the web to find the some inspiration for my new room. I am really inspired to decorate it beautifully and have as much handmade as possible.
Let me tell you a bit  about my new house..

-It’s a beautiful cottage, surrounded by green. With lots of room for vegetable growing.
– It has a summerhouse. Eep! I cannot wait to photograph it and show you the process of its decoration.
– The house came with a little rabbit. Which I have renamed Basil.

So after some rummaging through the internet, I have found some really inspiring houses that I have helped me find a style I adore. I really want it to say “this is what I like” and truly exude my passions in life.

 Kaylah’s house leaves me in awe every time she gives us a sneak peak. I love how she has collections of things she has thrifted and her whole styling is very quirky. I love how every room has her personality throughout. I really admire it!

(All images are from The Dainty Squid.)

I really adore her style and would love to make my room and summer house as beautiful as Kaylah’s whole house.

One of my favourite words and deffinetly one of my favourite styles is Eclectic. I love mixing the old with the new, the thrifted with the high street. And I have to say it – i love when things clash. I love different patterns combining together to make a clash, but the clash is beautiful.

Elsie’s Kitchen. I love the colours so much! I feel like this has come straight out of a magazine that I sit and marvel at.

Here is my Etsy wish list for my new bedroom, I can’t wait to purchase them!

Have a lovely day!


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  1. Your new house sounds magical! I love old cottages. Even if they have lots of ‘old world craftsmanship’ (which is what we call quirky old-house things, like the fact that none of the rooms in our little row cottage are square!). I love all of those pictures, and that bike cup is so darling!

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