Happy Monday

A new week and new goals.
I like to start a monday morning by thinking and writing down all the essential things that I need to do this week.
– Book my laptop into iMac hospital, find a frame for a picture I love, buy a father’s day gift.
Lists are a great thing to do, they keep you right and – if you are anything like me – help you to remember those all-important things!

This week is our last full week in my house. So it is jam packed full of tasks, bubble wrap and sticky tape. Today I’ve got up super early and started to wrap up some more of my prized possesions like photo frames of my cats and ornaments that I want to display in my new summer house and room.

If you follow me on twitter, you will have seen my guilty post last night. I spent the WHOLE night looking through possibly every etsy post and have never enjoyed it so much! I favourite-ed all the things I loved and things that I deffinetly think I am going to buy for my new room to add that sparkle and personality.

Let’s just say that night can be filed under “Research” or “Inspiration” in my diary. And not “Sat in my pjs eating ice-cream going through 500 pages of Etsy listings.” ;)

Also today I have some “Press” for MessyLa!
Two of the shops I sell to have put me on their website. I am so so SO over the moon, I can’t even put it into words. It means the world to me that they have taken the time to do this and are supporting me so much.
So please take a look at lovely Melle Cloche and Lavender Blue – I am so grateful for their help!

Have a lovely Monday – as good as Mondays can ever be. I will be back later with a confession..a shoe confession.


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