Sunshine and vintage finds.

Today I have the great pleasure of blogging out in my garden at my little pink table. Finally the sun has come out and I can take some pictures, relax and do some card designs out in the fresh air.

As you know, we are moving house and have been emptying and finding things throughout these weeks. I have found some amazing vintage finds – in my own little house! No markets or even stepping out my door, just in attics and wardrobes. I thought I’d do a very photo heavy post today to make up for my lack of photos during this time. And of course, when I go to photograph something, 3 friends have join me.  You know who they are! (and if you don’t: Osc, Ike & Bert. <3)

I always find it quite a weird situation when you are taking a picture of a camera..with a camera.

The above is not vintage, but i picked it up in TKmaxx for 12 pounds. Such a find! It’s to hold my pants&socks for in my new closet. I refuse to have drawers ever again for storing clothes so I needed some storage solutions that were beautiful and practical. I think I found it. I will use the teeny tiny suitcase for vintage scarves and some belts <3.

Today I am going to hopefully get some lovely cards made and remember to share them with you. A few gorgeous things have been made and escaped the photoshoot and I am a little sad about it! My memory is like a goldfish and when I can’t remember a certain design I get really frustrated and sympathetic for the lil guy that can’t be made exactly the same again. Sniff. Weird, yeah?

Have a lovely day,



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4 responses to “Sunshine and vintage finds.

  1. what beautiful “finds”! isn’t it the best to just shop your own closets sometimes?

  2. hyzenthley

    So many lucky finds! I love those suitcases. It’s funny how cats always like to be in the spotlight, isn’t it!

  3. You found some really great finds. Looks like a lot of fun!

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