happy bunny <3

Yesterday, I met my new rabbit and I instantly fell in love. Firstly, she is the most beautiful rabbit I have ever seen. She is fluffy, soft, super cute and has a really lovely nature. I know this sounds silly, but she actually bounces and hops about! And wiggles her little nose and is just so sweet. I really love building my pet family. I would love to be one of those ladies who has all her pets and her crafts and just knits on a rocking chair all day. I have named her Basil as it is my favourite herb!

She came with our new house. Well, old cottage house. But i feel like I need to get her a new run and hutch and all new accessories. Its so exciting, i love buying things and making sure she is happy and healthy. I can’t wait to take some lovely pictures of her to show you. P.s. she is a little round. I think she loves food as much as I do.

For now, a La Loves is in order. Here we go :0)

<3 This super cool tutorial for a knife rack. I think I am going to make it for my new craft room and use it for all my scissors. Such a handy and fun thing to make! I found it at the Farm Chick’s blog and also at Going Home to the Roost. (Both really nice blogs too!)

Scarves video. I love the styling of it and tips on how to wear them. I have a few vintage scarves and sometimes I run out of inventive ways to wear them, so this has really helped me out!

Skulls and Cross Buns. All I can say is “eeeeeeep”. I must have them all! I get that obsessive collective disorder when I look at them. I feel like I must have them all and make the most spectacular cards with them because the are insanely cute.

 Rose shaped jelly moulds/cake moulds. <3

Hunter wellie clogs. I just love the pattern on them. Thistles&forget me nots.

Cutest little rabbit hutch. I love the love heart! Perhaps Basil would like it too.


Vanessa of Hello Vanny has been sharing her pictures of her portfolio of beautiful delicious baking. Beware, you may want to eat the screen. They are so pretty and you can just imagine they taste so yummy.

Also a few websites and blogs I have found this week that I just love:

Cosy Coffee Shops – I would love to visit all the lovely independent cafes in the world and drink too much coffee and eat too much cake.
Being Little blog – I love finding nice, interesting blogs that are in the UK as well as the rest of the world.
Native Flowers – Beautiful, friendly Native have now got a twitter and a blog. I am so pleased!

It’s been a terribly wet and dreary day today. Lets hope for a little sunshine sparkle tomorrow.
Night Folks!



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2 responses to “happy bunny <3

  1. Being Little blog is lovely! I’m always excited to find fun new blogs to read too :) And your rabbit sounds so cute! Basil is a perfect name!

  2. Love those stamps!!! Cute ring too :D

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