Another rainy day, I am really starting to lose hope that this is our Summer. We have had a handful of sunny days, or even dry days and then rest have been drizzly, dreary and quite honestly cold! But that didn’t stop me going outside to snap some pictures. (I now have extremely wet hair).

These are my new little shoesies. And sorry about the little splodges on the camera, the rain just wouldn’t stop!

Yesterday I went to lunch with C and we went to our usual coffee shops – Tinderbox. I would love to be able to do those little trees in my coffeee. That one was so perfect!

Today I am so inspired to get card making and taking loads of photos, but its unfortunately not possible whilst moving. I am dreaming of my new craft room. I am so excited to share it with you! It’s going to be in my summer house with fairy lights, bunting and beautiful colours everywhere. Today I am finishing off an order and then surfing my favourite blogs. :0)



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3 responses to “Rain

  1. I hope you get some sunny weather soon! At least you had an excuse to wear your cute new shoes though :)

  2. I just found your blog, it is lovely! :) the weather has been terrible here hasn’t it? I want some sunshine pleeeease!

  3. Sure love those shoesies!

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