Wild Flowers.

Moving to the country has introduced me to a lot of beautiful and inspirational things. Major things like space to move and adventure to little things like wild flowers. Our garden isn’t perfectly manicured or even been touched in the past couple of years so there is a lot of wildlife and wild flowers grown. I really can’t think of anything more magical! Nature at its best.

 If I am ever stuck for inspiration I really just need to wander up and down my garden. The shapes, colours, patterns and smells of these flowers is enough to send me rushing to the craft room to create some special things!

I couldn’t believe my luck to actually see a real cluster of toadstools – I felt like I had just fallen down a dark rabbit hole to Wonderland. 



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2 responses to “Wild Flowers.

  1. Thank you for the sweet comment! Pretty pretty pictures!
    xo, Elsie

  2. hi la!
    you are so sweet :) your garden looks lovely. The toadstools are so cool!! thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

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