A present.

Originally, I had planned to do a post all about something special that we have rescued. After this post, I planned on doing another post about something that the first post subject does – but I didn’t expect it to happen so fast. Okay, I’ll spill the beans.

Ten days ago, we felt that it was our duty (having a big garden now) to rescue some Battery Hens. We did so via the BHWT and were given a time and place where we could pick them up. Seeing the hens for the first time was an extrememly traumatic experience that we will never forget – they had no feather and their combs were a pale pale yellow. (They are ment to be a vibrant red.) If it wasn’t upsetting enough seeing their condition, we also knew that these little girls had never seen sunlight, grass or felt the rays of a hot day as they sunbathed. Which, I feel, is the saddest thing.

We built up a hen house with a luxury nesting box, perches and a long run for them to play all day in. And they are improving rapidly! We are slowly building them up with special tonic in their waters that makes them strong and healthy, feeding them highly nutritious foods and making them a delicious array of snacks throughout the day. My mum has been making them pasta dishes galore – and they love cornflakes, seeds, all vegetables and bread. So really, they are in complete paradise in their new home.

You can really feel their appreciation for their new surroundings. They are shimmying their bottoms on the grass, and spreading their wings so they can sunbathe. They are real characters and we can’t believe how much we have fallen in love with them. (Gertie, Jessie, Hermione, Matilda and Nancy. Nancy is the weakest of the lot and she is also mine. She is steadily improving.)

The ultimate way to show their appreciation is to lay eggs. Although, we have been told that this could take a long time – if they lay at all. Forums and websites suggested that when they felt that they were strong enough, they would lay. And this morning..We’ve got mail.

P.s. They were really delicious. <3




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4 responses to “A present.

  1. Aww, this is so lovely! What a wonderful idea. I’ve always wanted to own chickens for completely free-range eggs, and being able to give some battery hens a happy life is even better. So glad your girls are all settling in well to their new home!

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