Inside the shops// Part Une.

Each time I visit the shops I stock my items in, I always -without a doubt- forget my camera. So today, I made sure I deffinetly remembered it because it is such an exciting thing seeing the displays and the setting around them. So for part one, here is inside Native Flowers. I love how Jenny and Noreen have arranged the baskets and boxes!

Using the scrabble tiles seemed like a nice little idea and really made the message pop.

My favourite thing, perhaps ever, is the blackboard sign they have created for me. It made me feel like a real business and I can’t put into words how excited/ecstatic/motivated/inspired this makes me. It’s like seeing your name up in lights, an indescribable feeling!



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3 responses to “Inside the shops// Part Une.

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  2. So cute! It’s really nice to see your work on display in the shops :)

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