Inside the shops// Part Deux.

Here is Part Two of the lovely shops that stock Messy La handmade goods. This time it is in Lavender blue! Allie and Gemma are the most  bubbly people ever and have the sweetest shop. Also Gemma has a new bundle of joy (her baby girl) who is adoreable.

I am so lucky to be involved in such a beautiful shop – the colour, the flowers, the welcoming Lavender Blue family. It’s such a pleasure to work with them both in their extremely busy florist.

I am so grateful to have been given the whole (yes, whole) of the welsh dresser in the shop. Can you believe it? The first time I saw the display Allie had created I almost cried. She has done such an amazing job of making everything look so special. I love the little display windows, and the way she has hung up my garlands outside.

If you live in Glasgow or fancy a road trip? Get yourself down to the fabulous Lavender Blue. You will be so glad you did, and you will get a warm welcome from lovely Allie!

See part one of Inside the Shops. Part three and four coming soon!



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2 responses to “Inside the shops// Part Deux.

  1. Wow, so many beautiful and lovely things there are in that shop!

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