Project Restyle: Part Deux. My Bicycle!

Via my polaroid 600.
I have been in a bit of a pickle with my Polaroid. I had one box of film left that I felt really reluctant to use. The film has got extrememly expensive and I really don’t feel that I can afford it. But then I also thought – I’d like to take some lovely photos with my polaroid today of my new bike. and I am going to. And then hopefully get a Fujifilm Instax for my birthday. (With more affordable film).

Okay so here we go, my bike!
To see the first part of this project restyle, click here.

The bike needed a lot of work, but after it was all finished I am completely over the moon with it. Heres what we did:
– Powder coating. Blue with Cream mudguards and brake levers.
-New brake cables in white.
-New saddle from an eBay shop. I opted for this seat rather than something that just looked exceptional but left you with a sore bottom. So this saddle is the perfect mix of comfort and style.
-New Pedals from eBay. They are 1980’s pedals, white and keep the continuity of vintage.
-Also other things like polishing and shining up of the handle bars, hub, sprocket and cranks.

Overall, I am in love. It rides like a dream. I’ll post some more pictures when it’s not pouring of rain all day. Hopefully tomorrow!



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3 responses to “Project Restyle: Part Deux. My Bicycle!

  1. I love it! The colours are perfect! I think it’s a great subject for the last of your 600 film.

    I think I want an instax for my birthday too, mostly because of the cheaper film! Plus I love instant photos~

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