5 French Hens.

I have been really eager to show you all our new hens. As you know, we have moved to a countryside cottage and rescued some battery hens. You can read that story, here. Rescuing the battery hens was a really traumatic experience – which was the complete opposite of our new little french hens.

Believe it or not, this is the only picture I could get. They wouldn’t stay still and are actually a little camera shy!

They are only babies, which means they aren’t at laying age yet. However, it’s been that long since I was meant to post this that I think their laying date is fast approaching.
French hens lay teeny tiny little eggs, which I am so excited to start having for my breakfast. It’s an amazing feeling being able to go and collect your eggs and eat them whilst they are still warm – You really can’t get any more organic if you tried! hehe.

These hens had all their feathers when they arrived because they had been kept on a farm and looked after. They are the cutest colours – a black speckled one, an orangey one, two white ones, and a yellowy one. (Sorry for the scientific terms I used there..;)).

I am so happy that we are able to give a home to such lovely animals. Now, we are the loopy family with a zoo in their garden. 10 hens, a rabbit, two cats and a dog. eek!



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2 responses to “5 French Hens.

  1. your hens are so cute! I think that’s so amazing how you rescued them-too cool. xo. Emma

  2. Aww, they are so lovely! I have a dream of living in the country and owning chickens someday~

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