Sixpence Bags



Here at Messy La, there is a range of things that I create and sell. I mostly share my cardmaking on the blog – because it’s my favourite- however, I also make these little silk satin sixpence bags for brides.

“Something old
Something new
Something borrowed
Something blue
And a lucky sixpence for your shoe”

Tradition says that the bride’s father should place a silver sixpence coin in his daughter’s left shoe to ensure a lifetime of happiness, good health and wealth. I thought this was a really beautiful tradition that I wanted to bring back to life (It fizzled out as the making of the silver sixpence stopped).

These little bags come in a variety of beading and also a variety of colours – blue, purple, cream, white and coffee coloured. They are handmade from start to finish with love and a lot of time. It’s really intricate work, but is for a lovely celebratory day!

I will put these for sale on my online shop, they are also available in Melle Cloche on Byres Road. Stop by and have a look!



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3 responses to “Sixpence Bags

  1. Zoe

    Wow, I never knew about the ‘lucky sixpence’ line! I’ve only ever heard the first bit. That’s such a sweet tradition!

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